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When a wanderer accidentally unleashes a horde of evil demons upon the people of Mariner Bay, a secret organization called Lightspeed recruits a team of young heroes–a firefighter, a Sea World caretaker and martial arts master, a sky aviator, a rock climber and a paramedic to become the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers. With a deadly arsenal of weapons and their skills, the Rangers fight to protect Mariner Bay from the demon army of sinister Queen Bansheera, who seeks to destroy the city in order to restore her palace.
Five extraordinary teens carry on the legacy as the Lightspeed Power Rangers, the newest and most powerful team of champions ever, dedicated to fighting evil and protecting all that is good. Whenever danger is at hand, these awesome superheroes rush to the rescue at the speed of light. The dreaded Diabolico and his army of sinister monsters wreak havoc wherever they go, but with powerful new Lightspeed Rescue Zords and amazing weapons, the Power Rangers take on this newest master of evil, battling to stop his destructive rampage and save the world.
Admittedly, I realize that I could be watching something different… of course, it&#39;s my job to review shows and movies regardless of who it&#39;s aimed towards.<br/><br/>I&#39;ll make this short and sweet: this Power Rangers series was actually entertaining, but there were a few episodes that wore on too long. (I&#39;m speaking particularly of the Evil Ryan saga.) The good news is that they got to the point and didn&#39;t deprive the viewers of action.<br/><br/>As far as endings and team-ups go, they weren&#39;t all bad, but they seemed a little rushed to me.<br/><br/>All in all, this series was actually entertaining.<br/><br/>7/10
this was honestly the first power rangers show i ever watched as a kid, i didn&#39;t even watch the first season before this.I am fully aware of some of the bad acting and goof ups, but i don&#39;t care, i love this season. i only owned 3 VHS tapes of this show as a kid, the first episode, the titanium ranger arc, and the kick butt finale! i finally bought the entire show and i binged watched it all, i now remember why i was hooked on power rangers as a kid. first i just want to say that the Epic, awesome metal guitar theme song, is more of enough reason to give this show 10/10, it always gets me pumped and feeling like i can save the world. next i want to talk about the characters, each one of them is so memorable and unique that i can name them all by name, i will admit i never got why they hired a guy from sea world, but for a kid from San Diego, i loved it, and later i saw he knew good kung fu.The aqua base is breathtaking, it looks so real and good, it oozed with great atmosphere, i especially loved captain Mitchell who was in charge of the underwater military operation, the actor did a great job, i respected him as an authority figure, also the chemistry he had with his kids was so good and heartwarming, it felt like he was actually their father. And lets not forget the seriously hot scientist, Ms. fair weather, who developed all of the rangers weapons and gear, i also love the fact she actually married one of the rangers who had been trying to romance her the entire season,that kept my sisters very interested in the show, and honestly i realized that if there was ever a couple who deserved to be the first to be married in the franchise, it was them, even though Kimberly and Tommy would have been nice too. And if i haven&#39;t made it obvious how much i love this show, i really love the designs of the villains, they looked exactly what demons should look like,and they actually had a good reason for attacking only one city. diabolico was an interesting character, starting out as a bad guy and slowly becoming a good guy, and he actually helped the rangers in the finale. Vypra was hot… Next prince Olympus, this guy looks so bad ass! he started the show as a baby, but one spell later and he is a freakin dragon warrior, i will admit his devotion towards his mother was a little mamma&#39;s boyish, but dang it, if i don&#39;t feel sorry that his mother doesn&#39;t care about him at all. The demon queen in this show is got to be the most evil villain I&#39;ve ever seen, not just in this show but in general, she was super selfish, extremely insane, and she killed most of her own followers i was convinced she was the devil!there are mostly fillers after the titanium ranger arc, which has a cobra tattoo curse that is awesome, but getting towards the finale every episode became more darker and intense until the finale, where the demons enter into the aqua base, take over the rangers megazords,trap most of them underwater,were going to drown for certain, and the demons are going to bring a literal hell to earth, the dread in this finale is thick, you honestly feel that these guys are not going to survive this. and after the final battle you feel these guys have earned their happy ending, and just to end the season with a BOOYEAH, after returning their morphers to the government, they see a building on fire, and actually run towards it without their morphers to still help people in trouble. this is what a power rangers show should be about, fighting monsters is cool, but seeing these heroes realize that being a ranger is not about the power,but helping people in need no matter what. This show had it all, Action, Romance, Comedy,Drama, it even had a guy with a real gun, also it was nice to see that the rangers actually help with natural disasters, and they don&#39;t just wait to fight monsters, also i really feel it was more realistic, that the government was backing up the rangers instead of some floating head with magic powers… R.I.P zordon .This show was probably made for an older audience, especially since i just watched recently, but it made me feel more grown up as a kid, it taught me as a kid to be aware of real dangers, and real monsters, and that i don&#39;t need a ranger suit to help people.<br/><br/>Awesome weapons, great special effects, good dialogue, likable heroes, deliciously evil villains, and a kick butt song, go watch this.

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